Students of June 2004 Class

Day One: Students will be reviewing their manual, which they will have studied prior to beginning the course. It is imperative that students understand safe operation and are able to Protect the Health and Safety of the Public, therefore training begins with comprehensive information regarding Insurance, OSHA Sanitation and Sterilization Guidelines, Health Issues, Skin Structure, Evaluating Risks and Contraindications, Treatment Set-Up Area, Color Theory, Needles and their uses, Business Procedures, and Marketing.

Day Two: Students will learn the Application and Placement of Permanent Cosmetic Procedures, the mixing of color pigments and three implantation techniques including Hair simulation. Emphasis will be placed on the crucial Consultation Appointment. Demonstrations and student application of Permanent Makeup procedures will be performed.

Day Three: Students will be practicing the correct placement of Eyebrows, state of the art anesthetizing techniques, implantation techniques necessary to address various skin types. Learn how to provide the patient with the appearance of an eyebrow lift. Students may supply model(s) if desired.

Day Four: Students will be performing the correct positioning of Eyeliner. Enhancing the Shape of the eye. Students may have the opportunity to choose their own procedure.

Day Five: Students will be performing the correct placement for lip-liner, lip-fade, and full lip color. Learn how to increase or decrease the appearance of the Lips using specialized techniques.

Day Six: Students will perform a fifth procedure, completing the course requirements. Graduation Day!

After Permanent Eyebrows 

After Permanent Eyebrows/Eyeliner

Permanent Cosmetics​

Est. 2001  

 Before Permanent Eyebrows

Before Permanent Eyebrows/Eyeliner

Student of February 2004 Class

Before Permanent Lip Color 


At the Laser and Cosmetic Center Our Permanent Cosmetic Specialist can provide natural anti aging applications which are aimed towards greatly improving ones appearance and reducing/eliminating time consuming daily routines.

Color can be applied to create the illusion of significantly fuller Lips which provides a non surgical lip enlargement. Conversely it is possible to provide the illusion of a smaller or less wide mouth. It is possible to correct imperfections, all with a very natural appearance. Bolder color can be achieved for those desiring the appearance of wearing makeup. 

Enhance existing Eyebrows or create an eyebrow for those who have complete or partial eyebrow Hair loss. Eyebrows can appear lifted. This technique provides the appearance of a NON SURGICAL EYEBROW LIFT creating soft definition and reducing the appearance of the aging process of up to 10 years! A soft and natural enhancement can balance the Face when designed correctly. Fine Hair strokes are implanted with natural tones providing the ultimate natural look. Bolder color can be implanted for those wishing to have the appearance of wearing Makeup. 

Precision placement of pigment can create a soft smoky look. Greater natural definition or the appearance of wearing Eyeliner. A NON SURGICAL EYELIFT can be achieved by a specialized technique reducing the appearance of aging in the eye area. 

GENERAL INFORMATION - PERMANENT MAKEUP - Also see Permanent Makeup Questions and Answers. 
It is necessary to choose an experienced, knowledgeable technician or surgeon when considering Cosmetic procedures. Visiting several Permanent Cosmetic Technicians is strongly recommended. This will allow you to:

  1. Ask the technician to show you the shape and positioning of your proposed Permanent Makeup, by using a Cosmetic pencil (from this you will be able to determine the technicians artistic ability which is an essential factor). A complimentary consultation is generally required at least 24 hours prior to any application which is recommended to determine the suitability of the anesthetics and pigments that will be used.
  2. Ensure the procedure will be performed in a sterile environment.
  3. View a number of before and after photographs of procedures that you are interested in.
  4. Contact information of satisfied patients.

If you have been the unfortunate recipient of an unsatisfactory Permanent Makeup Procedure our Permanent Makeup Specialist (Jessie Tehranchi CDT) will happily provide a complimentary consultation prior to the Permanent Makeup Correction procedure. Permanent Makeup Corrections should not be necessary and only occur when a Permanent Makeup Technician has little experience or artistic talent. Permanent Cosmetic Corrections (pigment removal or camouflage) should only be performed by an experienced technician or by a physician using a laser.  Our physician is able to offer that treatment.  It is sometimes possible to correct the positioning of the poorly placed pigment without using a removal technique. 

Also visit our ANTI AGING PROCEDURES  for additional services that drastically improve your natural beauty whilst saving you valuable time on your beauty regimen. We offer many Semi Permanent Procedures to help you look better than you ever imagined. 
Our Esthetician and Board Certified Physician specialize in ANTI AGING can provide a complimentary Beauty Consultation to help you decide what is best for you.  As always a NO OBLIGATIONcomplimentary consultation is merely to provide you with information about our services and to demonstrate what we are able to achieve.  We have amazing Before and After Photographs  of our patients treated with Dermal Fillers (Cosmetic Injections).

Our Physician offers all Dermal Fillers (Cosmetic Injections) including Juvederm Ultra Plus xc, Radiesse, Sculptra Botox, Xeomin, Belotero Balance and more.  It is possible to Augment the Lips, Chin (to eliminate a Double Chin) and the cheeks. Augmenting the cheeks is a very popular treatment as it lifts the face and alleviates the Smile Lines whilst looking very natural.  It is possible to provide a full Liquid Face Lift without surgery.  

CHOOSING A CAREER IN PERMANENT COSMETICS: Now that you have decided to consider Permanent Makeup as a career or to complement your current career we would like to provide you with some information regarding this unique course. We are very proud to offer comprehensive instruction regarding every aspect of this enjoyable, rewarding and lucrative profession which will enable you to work in Doctors offices, Salons, Spas, or within your own facility.

INSTRUCTOR: Jessie Tehranchi CDT has extensive knowledge and experience. She is a Licensed Esthetician, and has a Background in Cosmetic Dental Nursing. Jessie has a passion for Permanent Cosmetics and has personally excelled in her field and therefore will provide a wealth of information. She personally compiled and wrote the manual and course notes for this intense and informative class. It is currently used by an aesthetic school in Florida and approved by the Board of Cosmetology. Photographs below show students during training. Jessie is also the Permanent Makeup consultant for Palm Harbor Plastic Surgery Center in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Before Permanent Eyebrows

Before Permanent Eyebrows/Eyeliner

Class of February 2004



After Permanent Eyebrows

After Permanent Lip


After Permanent


Class of November 2004

After Permanent Eyebrows/Eyeliner 

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Before Permanent Eyebrows 

THE 6-DAY COURSE: Classes start at 8:30 am and end 6 pm. The course is very intense and requires homework study. There is a limit of two students to each class. Students will be required to achieve a score of 75% minimum average on the mandatory exam and practical test. Should a student not achieve certification they will be required to return for additional instruction in order to graduate (at no additional expense). Students will perform a minimum of five procedures (which will render them insurable). We want to ensure students reflect true professionalism and be aware that Permanent Cosmetics not only requires innate artistic talent, but also complete understanding regarding the health, safety, and protection of the public. Therefore a pre-requisite for the class will be as follows:

Experience with the application of Cosmetics, an aesthetic or cosmetology license, or medical Background. Students will also be required to wear appropriate attire at all times. We want you to rest assured you have chosen a prestigious class. Our impeccable reputation is reliant upon quality. You will graduate as a Derma Technologist, which will provide assurance and satisfaction to your patient that they have chosen a technician who has been professionally trained. A valuable portfolio of your procedures will be provided to you for your consultations. References are available from graduates of this class and we strongly encourage prospective students to obtain references prior to choosing a Permanent Cosmetics Course.

TUITION: Total cost is $3.499.00 for the 6-Day Course. This will include a Comprehensive Permanent Cosmetic Supply Kit to begin your profession. A manual for Permanent Cosmetics is provided as well as numerous reference sheets supplying all necessary information regarding insurance. Upon graduation you will have earned your certificate as a Derma Technologist. Students are also provided with continuing support following the course.

Training schedules are available for those who are not able to attend 6 consecutive days due to work commitments. We are able to provide training for those who are only able to attend one day per week. Homework and practice will be required between each training day for these students to ensure continuity.

A $400.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your position for the next available class. We look forward to welcoming you to your new, rewarding profession!

Should you have any questions please contact:

Jessie Tehranchi (Course Instructor) 
Laser and Cosmetic Center 

Address: 7850 Ulmerton Road, Suite # 5
Largo, Florida 33771

Telephone: (727) 504-8974